Why use granite for monuments?

Most monuments of antiquity that still endure were built with stone, and granite has been used for tombstones, headstones, monuments and gravestones for hundreds of years.

So why people use the granite for monuments for a long history?

1)The granite is durability

Granite is extremely durable, especially compared to other common headstone materials like marble or limestone. Granite in particular has the ability to withstand temperature extremes, modern hydrocarbon and acid rain pollution.

Due to the granite is durability and lasting beauty. It is generally the stone of choice for people wishing to celebrate and commemorate the life of a loved one that has passed away. With a granite monument, your memories of your loved one will literally be set in stone so that they may be remembered for generations to come.

In addition, because of its unique composition and strength, granite headstones remain intact and lettering remains legible for decades.

2)Many Color and Texture for choice

Another unique benefit of choosing granite is the array of colors to choose from. There is no manmade product or stone material that offers the same colors and textures as granite. When granite forms, it crystallizes, which creates the unique texture of the stone.

Granite also forms in a wide variety of colors, which means you have more options when choosing a headstone that will best fit your needs.

3)The cost of granite is cheaper

Granite may be beautiful and durable, but it is also commonly found around the world, which helps keep the cost within a reasonable range.

Due to advances in machinery, production tools and techniques in the manufacturing processes. Now, we produce a granite tombstone that has evolved into nearly perfect durability with exceedingly high quality artistic representation, more importantly, it has an affordable cost.

And, granite requires minimum maintenance, resists most vandalism and doesn’t add to long-term cemetery maintenance costs.

There are numerous reasons which make granite become a good monument material. We have a wide variety of granite memorials for sale from Joyfull Stone since 2003 the manufacturer and export of granite tombstone and monuments from China (tombstone.cc) and they are selected from the finest grade of granite for memorialization.

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