China Black Granite

China Black Granite is the most famous black granite from Hebei province, China, so it also called Hebei Black Granite. China black is most popular black granite for the Russia tombstone market, because of good quality stone with affordable price. Original: Hebei province from China Density: 3250 kgs / cubic meter Water Absorption: 0.17% Compressive Strength: 139 MPA Flexural Strength: 11.5 MPA Processed: Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled. Usage: Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, [...]

Shanxi black granite from China

G777, Shanxi Black, one of the best absolute black granite from China. Original: Shanxi province from China Bulk Density: 3.25G/CM3 Water Absorption: 0.03% Compressive Strength: 180MPA Flexural Strength: 37.6MPA Usage: tombstone, mouments, memorials, tiles, slabs, countertop, vanity top, building facade, paving stone Shanxi Black Upright headstone Shanxi Black angel monuments

Angel of Grief, white marble memorials, marble headstones

Angel of Grief, white marble memorials, marble headsteones Angel of Grief or the Weeping Angel is an 1894 sculpture by William Wetmore Story for the grave of his wife Emelyn Story at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. Its full title bestowed by the creator was The Angel of Grief Weeping Over the Dismantled Altar of Life.

Different Shapes of USA Style Granite Monument

Different Shapes of USA Style Granite Monument On first glance cemetery headstones appear to be of many different types and styles yet when we take a closer look we find that the many hundreds of headstones in our cemeteries can be categorised into about 8 or 9 basic styles. 01 Upright Monument Designs: Upright monument headstones are tablet style gravestones that sit on a granite base, and are set on a foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size, limited only [...]

Why use granite for monuments?

Most monuments of antiquity that still endure were built with stone, and granite has been used for tombstones, headstones, monuments and gravestones for hundreds of years. So why people use the granite for monuments for a long history? 1)The granite is durability Granite is extremely durable, especially compared to other common headstone materials like marble or limestone. Granite in particular has the ability to withstand temperature extremes, modern hydrocarbon and acid rain pollution. Due to the granite is durability and lasting beauty. It [...]

Hand-carved grey granite angel statues

Hand-carved grey granite angel statues G633 grey granite from Fujian province, China Memorial angel statues, garden angel decor, hand-carved from hard granite. The hard stones turn out to be vivid and lifelike after exquisite carving by our experienced artisans. Our plants are in the hometown of stone sculptures of China – Chongwu, Quanzhou and Quyang, Baoding, where have abundant stone resources and centuries-old history of stone crafting. We have comprehensive management and quality control system. Our professional quality inspectors are responsible for checking every [...]

Granite tombstones colours

Granite headstone manufacturers from China Popular granite tombstone colours, Shanxi Black A and B, G603, G623, G633, G654 dark grey granite, G562 red granite, Wave Sand, Peach Red, Multicolor Red, Impala Black, Paradiso, Himalaya Blue, Ocean Green, Bahama Blue, Aurora, Imperial Red, Olive Green, Tan Brown, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl etc., both China domestic and imported granite are available