Different Shapes of USA Style Granite Monument

Different Shapes of USA Style Granite Monument

On first glance cemetery headstones appear to be of many different types and styles yet when we take a closer look we find that the many hundreds of headstones in our cemeteries can be categorised into about 8 or 9 basic styles.

01 Upright Monument Designs:Black GRANITE

Upright monument headstones are tablet style gravestones that sit on a granite base, and are set on a foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size, limited only by a specific cemeteries set of cemetery regulations. Single upright headstones, or “individual” upright monuments are generally taller than they are wide, while double upright headstones or “companion” upright monuments tend to be wider than they are tall – allowing more space for the engraving of two names. The upright tablets in this gallery are meant to be used to identify a desired monument shape or style, but can be customized for use as either an individual or a companion tablet, with or without any included bronze or other design element pictured. At www. tombstone.cc, we specialize in custom upright monuments.

02 Flat Marker Designs:

Flat grave markers

A flat, lawn grave marker is an elegant way to memorialize the deceased. It allows for personal information such as date of birth and death, name of the deceased, and other pertinent details or quotes chosen by the deceased or the deceased’s family to be displayed in a beautiful but non-descript manner that doesn’t draw attention to the gravesite but honors the memory of whomever is resting there. They also tend to be significantly cheaper than their larger tombstone alternative.The Flat Marker is the most economical type one will find. Flat Markers lay flat on the ground and come in a number of sizes and colors. These Markers will beautifully mark the resting place of a loved one for centuries to come.

03 Slant Monument:


Slant monuments, or “slanted memorials” are simply short grave marker tablets with a slanted face, and like upright tablets must sit on a foundation, usually with a granite base.A 2″ flat area on the front of a slant monument is called “nosing”, and can be polished or rock-pitched. A slant monument with no nosing is called a “full-face” slant.

04 Bevel Shaped (Pillow) Monument:

slant monuments

Pillow grave markers are similar to flat grave markers but with a slightly slanted face, created from having a higher back edge, and often sit on a granite base in the cemetery. Pillowed gravestones may be personalized with custom shapes, sizes, or headstone designs.

05 Heart Shaped Monument:

grey granite headstones

Heart Shaped Headstones are a special type of Monument that are used to pay tribute to your loved one in a unique and special way. It gives an aesthetic look to the monument and adds distinction.  Heart Shaped monuments can show how special your loved one was to you or your family.
Our granite heart shapes monuments come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes including single, and double hearts.

06 Angel Shaped Monument:

Angel – Flying angels can symbolize rebirth while a praying angel is thought to be watching over the deceasedThe angel moument is upright style, a monument shaped in the form of an angel today has become a popular selection.

07 Cross Monument Designs:

Cross – Christian symbol; it can symbolize love, purity, atonement, and sacrifice. There are a variety of stylized crosses depending on the denomination.The Celtic Cross, one of the most well-known symbols of Irish culture is a prominent feature in  Irish Headstones section. Celtic Cross Headstones can be adapted to different gravestone designs.

08 Granite Memorial Benches:

Granite memorial benches are set on a foundation, and may sit on a granite base. Benches also vary greatly in shape and style, and may contain carved or bronze elements. At Pacific Coast Memorials, we manufacture granite benches for gardens, parks, schools and cemetery graves.

09 Custom Monument:

Custom monuments come in a variety of styles and shapes. They often feature symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased. Select from a wide variety of granite colors for both traditional and in different price ranges.We welcome your customization.
There are many tombstone with different style and shape, as a professional supplier of tombstone, We, Joyfull Stone (www.tombstone.cc) are supplying the tombstone since 2003, any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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